mar 122015

Ward at the aladdin theater Ward pandora white beads at the aladdin theater Yesterday evening saw the final show of m.Ward’s three night run at the aladdin movie cinema.Liza lubell was on that point for sunday’s show, and was kind enough to share with you her photos with us.Firing m. (Which means matt, or a”Montgomery, as monday night first band tu fawning joked)At these shows wasn’t any small feat, since the stage lights were dimmed to a level somewhere in”Tender”Furthermore”Electrical outage drunk, so perhaps m.Was feeling a touch of shy, but it was successful for capturing the mood, as was the stage backdrop of stars moving by a night sky as framed via a window. I i went to monday’s show, during which ward moved through numerous songs from throughout his catalog, with a big portion of material with 2006′s post war.Ward’s sultry voice in spite of, perhaps the highlight of the set was his solo important guitar centerpiece, an improvisational rag that contained bluegrass and flamenco.Ward gave the viewers two brief encores, playing up up to aladdin’s curfew of 11:00 pm hours.He played a number of a good covers, for example a wistfully extended take of don gibson’s”Oh yea, forlorn me” (Made famous on neil young’s following on from the gold rush), Good friend Holly’s”Talk Cheap Pandora Jewelry Store in Australiaon” (That happen to be the strongest track from ward’s new hold time album), Throw away Berry’s”Carry over beethoven” (Rightfully getting back the song from its usurpers, elo), And sara Fahey’s”Bean vine doldrums, not for.2, Ward shifted from guitar to vertical piano, And the band was not surprisingly excellent, With Norfolk Western’s Adam Selzer on bass and absolute beginner ibanez drum, Mike Coykendall on electric guitar and bass, Nathan junior.On keys and absolute beginner ibanez drum, and scott macpherson on percussion.Paul brainard came out to play pedal steel just the summer songs, and rachel blumberg sang and shook tambourine on a song.

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