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Where Hanging Charms with Gems ‘avatar’ and scientific potential meet Neal conan, lot That year 2154, human kind has figured out a way to travel to distant planets and project human mind into artificially grown alien bodies.Okay, extremely we have in james cameron’s sci fi epic”The movie avatar, which a bad press lately went past the $1 billion mark at the box office.It tells the story plot of paralyzed vet, trent sully, who re ops to zoom off to a moon called pandora to operate some nine foot tall blue avatars. (Soundbite of video,”Character”) Mister.Mike worthington(Professional): (As paul sully)Me and norm are here to drive the remotely monitored bodies called avatars.And they are grown from human dna mixed with the dna of the natives. Conan:Everything you need looks and feel so real, it makes you wonder whether we’ll really be able to do any of that cool stuff in 44 years.Adam hadhazy of popular mechanics recently evaluated the actuality of avatar creations getting into fruition.If you have questions on how close we might be to”Character”Tool, contact us:800 989 8255.A person may also join the conversation on our web site. Adam hadhazy is a media press news reporter.His write-Up,”Performance behind james cameron’s ‘avatar’”Appeared on the most popular mechanics’ web site last month.And he’s around in studio 3a.Thanks completely for being with us today. Mister.Good to exist. Conan:And okay, it first part, to access pandora, it’s a long way between occasionally. Mister.Hadhazy:Obviously, about 26 trillion points.Genuinely hop and a skip. Conan:Little or an absense of.So we’re told that or at best infer, that this was not done with a faster than light drive but by putting all the passengers in some type animated suspension. Mister.Hadhazy:Sure.The idea is to only put people into a sort of a cryogenic freeze, position them into hibernation.And like that, you don’t have to settle for so much keeping them fed and keeping them occupied for the journey, that takes about six years, given how quickly the spacecraft in”The movie avatar”Travels, which is about 70 percent of the interest rate of light, they are. Conan:Which is faster than anything humans have managed to(Unintelligible)Go that particular far yet.Anyhow, there’s lots of questions about that.Any of the particular Pandora Jewelry: the even distant future? Mister.Hadhazy:Faded future, selected.Near the word, not really.This is something that is most certainly have been looked at a fair amount.Nasa has been looking at it as time goes by, hour and hour.And the idea is to basically find a way for making enough thrust to really get going, you recognize, as fast too.And the best bargain is really when you combine matter and antimatter.Antimatter is essentially, it’s just as seems, it’s one other of the matter that we’re all used to the microphone in front of me, the desk subsequent, still in my hands.It’s when matter and antimatter enter contact, they annihilate some other and Conan:A great boom. Mister.Hadhazy:A present, literally.Pure time.Obviously there’s quite a antimatter around.We’re talking year ’round, they’ve only made of something on the order of nanograms, accordingly. Conan:So you’d have to find a way to manufacture it and control these explosions so one of these wouldn’t blow up the ship too, and channel pretty much everything stuff.And / or, properly, even manage going fast, you got to kick back too.And this is the other Mister.Hadhazy:Excluding, in this event, come on, man, if you can’t think of a more volatile fuel than antimatter.And we do have ways to confine it using electro-Magnetic fields.But the promise in whatever storage compartment you have, it’s really impossible at that time to make a perfect vacuum.So even if there’s a very few stray molecules of real matter in there, the antimatter will hit those molecules and will eliminate.So it’s not a really good fuel tank.You, yourself are losing fuel as you go. Conan:And then the other place, the cryogenic state which permits people to basically sleep their way off to pandora. Mister.Hadhazy:Positive.Basically, there is some work on that.I think we all has heard the infamous ted williams case.Setting up, he has brought his, a new Conan:All right, merely his head, whilst. Mister.Hadhazy:Yep, spot on.Fully.So they actually look into doing it.And simply, you’re sure of, it’s realize, it can work without a doubt creatures but not for people.

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